Are you one of the thousands of Australians who wake each morning with a body that aches, are you fatigued, anxious, or maybe you have noticed that your immune system is exhausted or you digestive system doesn’t seem to work like it used? Do your children seem to be moving from one course of antibiotics to another? Are you one of the increasing number of people who are frustrated with our backwards health care system, a system that would rather prescribe a drug or surgery than guide you through a change in lifestyle?


Poor health impacts every level of your life – your relationships, self esteem, productivity and energy levels. In my 12 years of running a wellbeing centre I have seen too many “walking dead”: People of all ages – even children whose bodies have started to break down physically, the light slowly leaving them.


The demands of the 24/7 life are placing more pressure on us than ever before.  A combination of inadequate rest, poor eating strategies and lack of movement has overwhelmed our bodies and is literally killing us. For the first time in recorded history a group of scientists are now predicting that this latest generation will not outlive their parents. Surely it’s time for a change.

What is needed is a solution to get people re- energised, re connected and re engaged. Pyke Family wellbeing centre has a no nonsense approach for individuals and families who want to get well.  We offer a state of art wellness examination where we investigate the real cause of your health concerns.  Once all testing is complete we are able to tailor a course of wellness chiropractic adjustments to meet your individual needs.  We offer cutting edge Healthy living workshops, arming you with strategies on:

  1. BulletThe greatest kept health care secrets

  2. BulletHolistic parenting - Raising a drug free family

  3. BulletDetoxifying your body

  4. BulletEating well

  5. BulletPositive psychology and happiness

  6. BulletStrategic movement

  7. BulletReenergize through planned rest

  8. BulletTime management


As a client of Pyke Family Wellbeing centre you will have access to the highest quality supplements and natural living products as well as all the latest information on health and wellness.

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